8 Ways to make your Wii live longer

Repairing vast amounts of games consoles everyday sure gives you an insight to the consoles lifestyle when its at home, many of the faults we repair with the wii console are easy to prevent. Follow these simple steps to make your Nintendo Wii console live much longer.

1) If you’re not playing your wii, turn it off.  Many people leave the console on whilst doing other things such as having dinner, turning your console off will reduce the stress on the laser and other components which mean your console live for longer.

2) Keep your discs clean and free of scratches, using dirty or scratched discs puts a lot of extra stress on your wii laser which will cause the laser to fail earlier than normal.

3) Remove discs from the console when not in use, take your disc out of the console when it’s not being used as this helps reduce the chance of disc jams.

4) Use the wrist strap on the wii controller, for the saftey of your T.V, mums expensive vase or somebody’s face.

5) Keep the Wii well ventilated, try to give your wii a little room to breathe as they can get quite hot and the fan needs to push all that hot air away from the unit but it can’t do it if you have stuffed the wii into a cabinet and jammed your games all around it.

6) Ask your mum to be careful with the vacum cleaner (Hoover), I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard the “my mum hoovered up the infra red sensor bar” story.

7) It’s not a money box, try to keep your Wii away from children under 5 years old without supervison as there is something very appealing about that slot in the front of your console “I wonder what happens if i put all these coins in there?” we have found money (most common), sky cards, lolly pop sticks, spagetthi, photos and all sorts of other random things.

8) Give your wii a service, Wait Stop! put the screwdriver back. Just give the wii a hoover every few weeks, to make sure the vents are clear of dust and dirt.

That’s about it off the top of my head, I’ll try to add some other suggestions to help keep your wii in top condition in the near future.

Let us know about your experiences with the Wii?

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