Nintendo DSi XL Released March 5th

It’s reported that the latest variation of the Nintendo DS called the DSi XL will be released on March 5th in the UK, it has all the same features of the DSi but also has two much largers screens. I guess Nintendo are targeting the older audience perhaps?

It’s expected to be sold for around £149.

Colours are to be confirmed but black, red and dark brown are know to be available at the time of release.

Nintendo DSi XL specifications:

4.2″ screen, TFT color liquid crystal (260,000 colors)

2 VGA (0.3) Megapixel cameras

R.A.M.: 16 MB Flash Memory: 256 MB

CPU Clock Speed: 133MHz

Wireless 802.11 b/g connectivity

Width 161.0mm

Length 91.4mm

Thickness 21.2mm

Stylus length: 96.0mm

Large stylus length: 129.3mm

Weight: 314g

Battery life: 4-5 hours maximum brightness, 13-17 hours lowest brightness

Charging time: three hours (For fully charged)

Input: DS card slot SD memory card slot AC adapter Stereo headphone/Microphone

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