PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade Service Launched


We’ve wanted to offer this service for such a long time and now it’s available.

The PS3 console comes with quite a small hard drive considering the amount of data that most people have stored on their computers, digital cameras, music CD’s, DVD’s and so on.

Upgrading your PS3 hard drive is one of the cheapest things you can do for your PS3 and ultimately gain most benefit from.

Why you ask? Because the PS3 console now supports a huge bunch of media types and because it’s quick and easy to transfer from your computer or digital device to your console. Imagine having all your photos on your PS3, just put them on slideshow for a great laugh at the next house party.

Another reason to upgrade your PS3 hard drive is because more software is being developed for the PS3 that allows you to directly download films, t.v programmes such as the BBC iPlayer.

So, if your looking to upgrade your PS3 hard drive get Consolewerks to do the job.

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