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Console Information, Fitting Guides, Repair Guides...

Here we have tried to organise all of the information we have regarding video game consoles and specifically console repairs, servicing and upgrading.

All the information is grouped together by console, so if you're looking for a PS3 laser installation guide, PS3 firmware or anything PS3 related. Start by selecting the PS3 link.


PlayStation 2 - PS2 Information

PlayStation 2 - PS2 Slimline Information

PlayStation 3 - PS3 Information

PlayStation 3 Slim Information

PlayStation Portable - PSP 1000 Series Information

PlayStation Portable - PSP 2000 Series Information

PlayStation Portable - PSP 3000 Series Information

PlayStation Portable Go - PSPGO Information

Xbox Information

Xbox 360 Information

Nintendo DS Information

Nintendo DSi Information

Nintendo Wii Information