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Environmental Policy

The environment is a concern of Consolewerks, we always try to maintain good working practices that both reduces our business running costs and reduces our impact on the environment.

Some of the things we're doing:

Our web severs provided by 1&1 run on renewable energy. 1&1 now utilise wind, water and solar power in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS).

If an appliance is not being used we turn it off, every night all electrical appliances are turned off. Not left on stand-by.

By repairing instead of replacing we help our customers be a little bit greener too.

We reuse as much packaging as possible, if you sent something to us for repair you will likely get the same box and packaging back. We would hope you recycle it when it gets back to you.

All of the packaging items such as envelopes, cardboard & boxes that are purchased new are from recycled sources.

We recycle console components such as: metal chassis, printed circuit boards and some plastics.

Our output waste is recycled when possible by our waste management company E&B waste.