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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about our repair services, console parts, customers service, technical support, e.t.c. please check here first for any questions you may have. If your question is not answered here please contact us.


Questions About Repair Services

Questions About Console Parts

Questions About Customer Service

Questions About Technical Support

Other Questions




Answers To Your Questions About Repair Services

1) How do I get my console repaired by consolewerks?

It's very easy to get your console repaired by consolewerks, see our how to arrange a repair guide for a step by step instructions.

2) How long does it take to repair my console?

We aim to have all consoles repair in less than three days, most consoles are repaired on the sameday they are received.

3) Do you offer a while u wait service?

No, sorry we do not offer a while you wait service.

4) Can I send my console to you for repair?

Yes, of course you can send you console into us for repair. In fact more people send their console into us than visit in person. For details on how to send your console click here

5) Can I visit you in person and get my console fixed?

Yes, you're welcome to visit us and drop off your console. Please find our opening hours and address on our contact page.

6) How much will it cost to repair my console?

The costs of repair are displayed next to each repair type, the only exception is our free inspection service were we will contact you with the cost of repair once your console has been inspected.

7) How long is my console guaranteed for after repair?

Check the detailed repair info for the particular fault you have but generally most repairs are provided with a 6 month warranty.

8) Do you use original manufacturers parts?

Yes we use new original manufactures parts.

9) When do I pay for my console repair?

You will pay for the repair of your console once all repairs have been completed and the console is ready for dispatch/collection. If you wish to collect your console from our premises, payment is to be made upon collection of your console. If you sent your console to us payment must be made before we will return your repaired console. We are looking into pre payment repair services.

10) I live outside the United Kingdom, can you repair my console?

Yes you may send your console into us for repair, I would recommend providing an email address as the best contact as this will help with communication.

11) I have an imported console, can you repair it?

Yes, we can repair your imported console but please let us know by clearly writing this on the provided paper work.

12) My console has been modified, can you repair it?

Yes, we can repair your modded console but please let us know by clearly writing this on the provided paper work. In some case the mod chip may have to be removed for a successful repair.

13) Do you change my consoles firmware?

Generally we will not change your consoles firmware, unless we believe that the firmware is the cause of the problems.

14) Will I lose the data saved on my console?

Generally No, but in some circumstances we may need to deleted save data. It's best to back up your important data before repair if possible.

15) Do you fixed console accessories?

No, sorry we cannot repair these items.

16) Do you offer a console collection service?

No, we cannot collect your console directly but DHL can be arranged to collect from your home or office before sending the parcel to us.

17) Do you offer an in my home repair service?

No, sorry we do not offer a in home repair service.

18) Do you repair retro consoles?

No, sorry many of these consoles have no moving parts and are not very repairable.

19) Can you offer me a discount if I have many consoles in need of repair?

Yes, contact us with your requirements and will can give you a estimate of the discount you can expect.

20) Do you buy consoles?

No, we do not buy consoles.

21) Do you sell working consoles?

Normally we do not sell consoles, but from time to time we may acquire a bulk amount and recondition them and sell them on.

22) Can you repair my scratched discs?

Yes we can repair your scratched discs, send them in with your console for repair.

23) My console has stopped working after being repaired, what should I do?

I'm sorry to hear this, please contact us for a quick solution.

24) Are you a real company, How do I know you won't steal my stuff?

We're a real company and have been repairing consoles since 2004, you can trust us. Honest! See our about us page for more information.

25) What's the best way to send my console in for repair?

Please see our how to book a repair for details and best practices on getting your console to us safely.

26) Do you offer trade repair services?

Yes, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

27) I would like to offer your services via my business, can I do this?

That's great, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.




Answers To Your Questions About Console Parts

1) Can I repair my own console using parts from you?

Yes you can repair your own console using spares & parts purchased from us, in fact we like to encourage people to have a go at repairing their own consoles.

2) How easy is it to repair my own console?

Most repairs are quite easy to perform, especially when using our fitting guides. Some repairs are very difficult, we are going to implement a grading system soon to all of our parts so you can judge how difficult a repair maybe before purchasing parts.

3) Do you provide instructions on how to fit the parts?

Yes we offer fitting instructions on most parts, if we don't provide the instructions you can normally find some just by doing a search on Google.

4) If I buy parts and something goes wrong can I still send it in for repair?

Yes, we can take over from your repair attempt. Send all the bits to us and we'll get it fixed for you.

5) Where can I find repair guides?

Please see our download area for repair guides.

6) Where can I find fitting guides?

Please see our download area for fitting guides.

7) I'm not sure what version console I have, can you help?

Yes, you can check your console version here.

8) How much does post & packaging cost?

The cost varies, a list of prices can be found on our P&P Charges list. The exact cost of postage can be confirmed at the checkout before paying for your order.

9) Do you offer a next day delivery service?

Yes, place an order as early as possible but least before 2pm to have the option of next day delivery.

10) What payment methods do you accept?

Online orders can be paid for by most credit / debit cards except American Express. Paypal, Nochex, Cheques & Postal Order are also accepted.

11) Can you send the parts to my work address?

Yes we can send parts to your work address, however if the order is high in value please call us to confirm your card details. This helps prevent fraud and delays in your order.

12) What happens if I purchased the wrong part, can I change it?

Yes you can change the part, please contact us for an RMA number and return details.

13) Is is safe to purchase parts from you online?

Yes it's safe, we take online security very seriously. We make every effort to keep you safe and protect you during your online shopping experience with consolewerks.

14) Can I buy parts in person from your shop?

Yes you can buy parts directly from our premises, however I would call ahead of your arrival to ensure parts are instock.

15) Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we ship worldwide.

16) How long is the guarantee on console repair parts?

We offer a 30 day warranty on parts.

17) Do you buy my old parts?

No, sorry we do not buy old parts

18) How long does delivery normally take?

All items are sent 1st class or higher Royal mail services, UK delivery is normally 1-3 days but can sometimes take a little longer.

19) Will my parcel be packaged safe & securely?

Yes, the last thing we want is your item being damaged in transit. We will pack your item very well, and depending on its value will determine the Royal mail service / insurance used.

20) Do I get parcel tracking information with my order?

No, we do not provide tracking information with your order. But you will be notified when your item has been dispatch from our premises.

21) What is your returns policy?

The details of our return policy can be found here.

22) Can I order parts over the telephone?

No sorry we don't take any orders over the telephone at present.





Answers To Your Questions About Customer Service

1) What is your telephone number?

01268 724448

2) What is your email address?

3) What is your address?

Essex Enterprise Centre
33 Nobel Square
SS13 1LT
United Kingdom

4) What is your company registration number?


5) What is your value added tax (VAT) registration number?


6) What should I do if my console has stopped working after being repaired?

Please contact us for a quick solution.

7) What should I do if I have a problem with the parts I ordered online?

Please contact us for a quick solution.



Answers To Your Questions About Technical Support

1) Where can I find repair guides?

Please see our download area for repair guides

2) Where can I find part fitting guides?

Please see our download area for fitting guides

3) I've purchased a part but I can't get it to work, can you help?

Please contact us for a quick solution.





Answers To Your Other Questions